What to Expect

What to Expect on your first visit

dr ellis discussing procedure with patient

We take steps every day to earn your trust.

Ellis Oral Surgery is centered on your experience. We know that surgery can be unnerving which is precisely why we take so much care, to care for you. Every element of your experience with us is tailored to your needs and preferences. If we have not met your expectations, just let us know.

A little prep work

We want your visit to be as easy as possible. Please bring any pertinent information about your medical/dental background with you. Typically your referring doctor will provide you with a referral slip, which summarizes why they have sent you to see us. They may also provide you with copies of specific dental x-rays.

New patients should download and complete the forms below. Bringing these completed forms to your first appointment will reduce your waiting time and get you back to enjoying your day.

Let's get started

During your first visit, we will perform a thorough evaluation (both clinical and radiographic), to discuss our findings and review treatment options with you. On occasion, the treatment plan can be quite complex and may require a return visit for further review. If you have a complicated medical condition we may need to obtain medical clearance from your physician prior to performing any procedures. There are times when we are able to see you and perform your surgery on the same day. Having all the necessary information prior to your appointment will help expedite the process.

A pre-operative consultation and physical examination is strongly encouraged for patients who will undergo IV anesthesia.

If the patient is under 18 years of age they will need to be accompanied by an adult.

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