Reshape Your Ears

otoplasty patient

Treatment to Enhance Shape and Proportion

Your ears are primarily used for hearing, but they do play a large role in the overall symmetry and aesthetics of your face. If an accident or birth defects have left your ears damaged or disfigured, we can help you regain confidence in how you look with an otoplasty in Gahanna and Upper Arlington, OH. An otoplasty, we can reshape your ears or repair your earlobes to provide a more natural shape, position, and proportion to your face and head.

Dr. Erik Evans, our board-certified facial surgeon, specializes in cosmetic procedures and is highly experienced in otoplasty. His extensive training in oral and maxillofacial surgery puts him at a unique advantage with his expertise in functional and aesthetic facial treatments. Using great skill and artistry, he can repair your ears right in one of our two state-of-the-art surgical facilities while you’re comfortably under anesthesia. Your surgery will be efficient and safe, providing you with the outcome you desire.

Reasons for Otoplasty

  • Excessively large ears (macrotia)
  • Improperly balanced or protruding ears
  • Deformed or ill-proportionate ears
  • Dissatisfaction with former ear surgery

Surgery with Immediate Results

Otoplasty is one of our cosmetic surgeries that has near-immediate results, especially for patients who have overly large ears. As expected, we personalize your treatment plan so the final shape and position of your ears most complement your natural facial features. During surgery, we’ll begin by making a small incision in the back portion of your ear. This scar will be virtually invisible and hidden, no matter if you have short hair or are bald. Next, we’ll remove cartilage or reshape your ears, a process that may take a few hours to complete. When your surgery is over, we’ll apply bandages or dressings over your ears. If your surgery was for large ears, you’ll see the results almost immediately and more prominently once the swelling has subsided. It will take a few weeks for your ears to heal. This surgery won’t affect your hearing, but the outcome will create an aesthetic improvement and a boost in your confidence!

Trust the Expertise of Our Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Evans is certainly skilled in the technical side of facial aesthetics surgery, but he’s also gifted in the artistic aspects as well. Otoplasty requires incredible attention to detail and high levels of accuracy as it involves surgery on both the ears. Not only does each ear need to be reshaped, but both ears need to be symmetrical with the face and with each other, while not being overcorrected or uneven. Dr. Evans is especially skilled and patient, two characteristics that make him a great choice for your ear surgery. The results will be two beautifully symmetrical ears and improved facial aesthetics!

Rebalance Your Look. Regain Your Confidence.

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