Recontour Your Chin

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Genioplasty to Restore Facial Balance

If you have a recessed or projecting chin that’s affecting your appearance and confidence, we’re here to help with personalized genioplasty. Otherwise known as chin surgery, genioplasty can either reduce or enhance the size of your chin, resulting in greater overall symmetry and harmony to your facial features.

Our board-certified oral and facial surgeon, Dr. Erik Evans, is extensively trained in facial plastic surgery and is specialized and skilled in genioplasty. He has the expertise to keep the whole face in mind so that your chin surgery provides the greatest aesthetic enhancements, including strengthening and defining a natural jawline. Additionally, our two state-of-the-art practices are equipped to handle surgeries like genioplasty in Gahanna and Upper Arlington, OH and have full anesthesia capabilities. You can enjoy a pleasant surgical experience in our calming environment, while being cared for by a team of highly qualified surgeons and staff, including a trained anesthesiologist.

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The Purpose of Genioplasty

  • Bring a recessed chin forward
  • Reduce a prominent chin
  • Enhance a small chin
  • Restore facial harmony
genioplasty patient

Surgery for Natural Aesthetics

Our goal with genioplasty is to help redefine your natural facial aesthetics by balancing your chin with the rest of your face. This procedure is cosmetic by nature, so we invite you into the treatment planning process. As with most of our plastic surgery cases, we’ll take photographs and use preoperative computer imaging software to digitally manipulate an image of your face. You’ll be able to see a close representation of your surgical results and be able to provide input. On the day of your surgery, we’ll administer a personalized level of anesthesia to ensure you’re comfortable and free from any pain. Genioplasty only requires a small incision, which is usually either under the chin or on the inside the mouth, so scarring will be minimal and is barely noticeable. Then, Dr. Evans with reshape or reposition the bone or place a synthetic chin implant.

What to Expect After Genioplasty

You’ll be able to return home the same day, but you may find it beneficial to have someone to help you during the first few days of recovery. Most patients can return to work and normal activities in about a week, around which time any swelling or bruising from surgery should be gone. With such skill and experience, Dr. Evans can sculpt your chin to be a nearly identical outcome as what he created digitally before your surgery. When you’ve healed from the procedure, you’ll be able to see what a significant difference a beautifully sculpted and proportional chin can make to your overall appearance!

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Dislike how your chin looks?

We can help with personalized treatment.