Facial Trauma Surgery

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Experts in Facial Trauma Treatment

We understand the profound physical and emotional distress patients experience with facial trauma. Our board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons are experts in reconstructive surgery and have the training to respond to emergency facial trauma situations with a superior level of compassion and surgical skill. When accident or injury of the soft tissues, bone, and teeth threaten your wellbeing and oral function, we’re here to provide expert treatment for facial trauma in Gahanna and Upper Arlington, OH that restores your health, appearance, and confidence.

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Specialized in Facial Trauma Care

  • Soft tissue lacerations
  • Fractured facial bones or jaw
  • Broken or knocked-out teeth
  • Intraoral lacerations

The Unique Nature of Facial Trauma

Injuries involving the facial bones, jaw, and teeth present a unique situation very few doctors are qualified to treat. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are one of this select group of doctors due to their extensive training in plastic and reconstructive surgery of the head and neck regions as well as training in medicine. Experienced not only in facial trauma care, our oral surgeons are also specialized in the rehabilitation of the soft tissues, bone, and teeth and in reconstructing both the functional and aesthetic appearance of a patient’s face after accident or injury. No matter what has occurred as a result of facial trauma, we’re specifically trained for situations just like this. Rest assured, seeking treatment from our specialized surgeons is the best way to ensure you’re getting the care you need to look and feel like yourself again.

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Here for You in Emergency Situations

Our surgeons hold staff positions at hospitals in the greater Columbus, OH area, including Dublin Methodist Hospital and Grant Medical Center and Doctors Hospital, and are available to provide emergency care to patients suffering acute facial trauma. Additionally, our own surgeon, Dr. James Ellis, served as Maxillofacial Surgeon for the Columbus Blue Jackets for nearly a decade, where he routinely treated team members for traumatic oral, facial, and jaw injuries sustained on and off the ice. With our expertise and skill, we can assess the extent of damage and create a treatment plan that restores your oral function and your natural facial appearance.

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